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Our expertise lies primarily in office buildings and residential complexes.
Business Units
Since 2003 our construction activities have been split into two units. The first business unit concentrates on projects developed and owned by the group.
This business unit has developed out of the knowledge that the company and its engineering office have built up over the years by constructing numerous residential and commercial projects for renowned builders of Pakistan.
We owe this unit’s success not only to the knowledge that we have gained, but also to the forward-looking approach and the flexibility of our employees and their ability to constantly adapt to the ever-changing market requirements.
Build and Design
Since its creation, innovation has been at the heart of KASB Developers. Imaginations lead to advanced designs and ingenious construction methods.

Our research and knowledge is applied to all our projects activities for the development of effective solutions. This represents a powerful tool for Design and Build contracts.
The main activities of our Engineering Development is to:
  • Design and optimize work
  • Implement the best construction methods and techniques
  • Plan our for best results
  • Constantly gain global knowledge transfer via Knowledge Management

KASB Developers is a leading player in the real estate and construction fields of Pakistan that maintains the highest standard quality without any compromise and is committed to changing the skyline of the country.

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